Faith Camp – Christian Formation for the Youngest Disciples

Faith Camp

Due to COVID concerns, plans for this program 2020-21 have not been finalized.

Beginning the 2019-2020 program year, faith formation for our youngest disciples and their parents will have a new format.  Faith Camp is a once a month experience to learn one important story in multiple ways.  The disciples will be led by a ‘shepherd’, who will teach the lesson and serve as a mentor.  Then, the disciples will connect the lesson with a STEAM activity, complete a service project, and get to know one another through recreation time.  After closing worship, we encourage families to bring a light dinner for themselves and we’ll eat together in the Parish Hall.

All young disciples between the ages of 2 1/2 through 5th grade are welcome to camp.

We’ll start the year with a pep rally on Friday September 20 at 6 PM.

The schedule for Faith Camp 2019-2020 is the following:
Saturday,  September 21, 1-4:30 PM, God Creates Everything (Creation)
Saturday, October 19, 1-4:30 PM, God makes a Promise (Abraham & Sarah)
Saturday, November 16, 1-4:30 PM, God keeps Watch (Joseph & Pharaoh)
Saturday, December 21, 1-4:30 PM, God Doesn’t Forget (The Burning Bush)
Saturday, January 18, 1-4:30 PM, God GOES WITH US (Wandering in the Wilderness, Part 1)
Saturday, February 15, 1-4:30 PM, God shares Helpful Rules (Wandering the Wilderness, Part 2)
Saturday, March 14, 1-4:30 PM, God hears Prayers (Hannah & Samuel)
Saturday, April 18, 1-4:30 PM, God chooses a King (David)
Saturday, May 16, 1-4:30 PM God cares for Us (The Lord is My Shepherd)

Parents are welcome to learn (especially the youngest ones) along side their disciples.
Contact the church office 973-729-7010 for more information.