“Nothing is so powerfully effective against the devil, the world, the flesh, and all evil thoughts as to occupy one’s self with God’s Word, to speak about it and to meditate upon it, in the way that Psalm 1 calls those blessed who “mediate” on God’s law day and night.”
~Martin Luther, Preface to the Large Catechism, 1529

Education – from birth through death – occupied Luther’s thoughts as he wrote, preached and taught in the 16th Century.  Christian education is an important part of our life here at SOTH, much as it was for those early reforming churches.  It is through the study of the Bible, the catechisms, and other church writings that we equip ourselves as ministers to be the Gospel for others.

Children are invited to begin Sunday morning class at the age of 3.  There are classes for tweens and teens and adults, as learning about ourselves and our faith is a life-long process.

Shepherd of the Hills Education







Education doesn’t end on Sunday. There are opportunities during the week to meet and discuss the Word of God, ethics of Christianity, and how we are to live as the children of God in this place.

Come and see.  Come and engage.