“God Forbid it , Lord” -13th Sunday after Pentecost

During troubling times we  often fail to see any purpose or meaning in the experience.  Just like the disciples, who were perplexed and upset when Jesus predicted his journey to the cross. The key:  Look for the blessings “in” and “after” the crises moments…you’ll see the hand of God leading you to greater blessings.


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Worship Bulletin

Announcements for Aug.30

We’re improving!  Please be sure to tune into our Zoom worship as the sound quality has been greatly enhanced! In addition, the bulletin link in this email now includes the hymn lyrics and the Bible readings enabling a better at home worship experience .Our service is archived on the SOTH YouTube channel and is linked to our Facebook page. Please click this link for our YouTube channel and subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH8w_r1Rb9HH7i6SD15Tu6w
You can also search for us on Facebook and “like” our page. https://www.facebook.com/SOTHNJ/.
Please remember to mute your microphone when zooming with us. Please be patient with us as we continue our improvements, and look forward to live streaming our service on YouTube in the near future. Thanks!

Many thanks to all who have enriched our in- church experience by
serving as worship servants each week.  If you would like to volunteer as a reader, deacon, media operator, usher, altar guild member, counter or in the  office, please email the church office.  No experience required.  We are always looking for folks to help out!

Attention Faith Formation parents:  A  Zoom meeting was held on  Wed. Aug. 26 to plan for our fall classes. An email will be going out summarizing discussion points, and asking for further input from parents.  A special thanks to all who attended and volunteered to help guide the faith formation of our children.

Keeping everyone “in the loop”
You are all important to us, and we miss seeing each other! Pastor Jack has been calling our members to introduce himself and offer pastoral assistance.  In addition, several  SOTH folks have volunteered to be a point of contact for a portion of the discipleship directory.  They will be reaching out to you in order to share the good news of what is happening here in your church.  Many thanks to all who volunteered to act as ambassadors to our church family.  Feel free to call the church office as well if we can be of service.