Worship Servants

Worship Servants

Worship Servant Schedule May to August 2020

Please read the information regarding serving at worship.  Your service is most needed and welcome!

Worship is a time of praise and thanksgiving. It is not done just by the pastor or the choir but by all the people. There is a role for all of God’s people in this grand work. Here are some of the ways in which you can help:

1st Deacon: This person assists the Pastor at the Altar with prayers, litanies and in the preparation and distribution of Communion.

2nd Deacon: A person that assists by lighting the candles for worship and in the distribution of communion. At times, acolytes are also called for other tasks (such holding the service book) as needed.

Ushers: This person is a host for worship: handing out bulletins, answering questions, collecting the offering and helping the assembly during communion.

Reader: This person assists the worship service by reading the lessons appointed for the day as well as leading the psalm response.

There are many more ways that your hands and feet participate in worship. Please contact the church office for more information on how you can be the church.