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Teach By Example

A final lesson in our series “The Gospel of Mr. Rogers”.  And all the news that’s to share…at that link. Weekly Voice Thanks for visiting.  See you soon, neighbor!

Kindness Matters

Beloved! Here’s the link for this week’s email. And don’t forget – it’s Blessing of the Animals in honor of St. Francis of Assisi.  12 PM in the church! Worship at 8, 10:15 & 6 PM In peace, Pastor Tina

It’s You I Like

Grace and peace to you all! Our first week of The Gospel of Mr. Rogers was fantastic!  We engaged with each other as neighbors and siblings in Christ in worship and in service to the community.  Well done!  I’m still getting pictures and reports from folks who participated at church …

Weekly Info and Welcome

Beloved: It’s been a bit – we’ve been busy getting ready for September events and education.  Our web presence took a bit of a vacation. Here’s the link for this week’s email… Rally into Service this week Backpacks and Education next week. New Disciples the week after Blessing of the …

What will you choose?

Beloved… The summer is ending.  I pray you’ve rested and refreshed.  It’s been quiet at church and I’m ready for voices of all ages to make the building live.  Soon… Weekly Voice That’s the link for the weekly email. See you in person and online. Peace, Pastor Tina

Remembering Mary Magdalene

Artist: He Qi We don’t often change the liturgy to remember saints at SOTH.  The convergence of Mary Magdalene’s feast day with this Sunday (July 22) is an opportunity to remember a woman who lived courageously and faithfully.  She was, as you may remember, the first witness of the resurrected …

Sigh…Sorry for not being more up to date.

It’s been a spring.  I always think that the current season is the hardest one ever…and I’m usually prove wrong. My time management has taken a hit with emergencies, freak storms, & ministry challenging my ‘schedule.’ This week’s theme is “The Kingdom of God is like…” and this email is …

Trinity Sunday – What difference does three make?

Beloved – As spring slowly gives way to summer, we are blessed with some special Sundays that ask us to pause and marvel at the majesty of God.  Last weekm we celebrated the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.  This week, we commemorate the Holy Trinity – a mysterious and powerful expression …