Not Alone

Grace and peace, Beloved, from the Earth-Maker, Pain-Bearer, & Life Sustainer.  Amen.


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Jesus continues to prepare his disciples for a life without him. Last week, Jesus reminded them to stay in the truth, which is who Jesus is.  This week, we are admonished to live lives of love – active love – with one another.  This is what Jesus showed us – and what we are called to do as disciples.  And you know what – that can be intimidating.  But Jesus is leaving, and that can be intimidating to step into those places without Jesus’ presence.

Jesus knows this – and he tells the disciples that they will not be alone.  There will be a helper, an advocate – one that they may not know or recognize – to help lead and guide them in living lives of active love with one another. This is the Spirit of truth – and that spirit will abide with them and in them.

There are a lot of places in this world where God’s love is needed.  Our neighbors, our coworkers, those we know, those who are not known and yet are part of the body of Christ. That’s where we are called to go and its a easier when someone goes and leads us into those places.  Sometimes, its easier to avoid those places then to go in.  And, beloved, we, too, are promised an advocate like the disciples, and we will not be left alone to be God’s people in this world. That is what love – the love that is God – looks like.  And it is Good News.

Whoever you are, and wherever you find yourself, know that God loves you.  God won’t forget you because you are God’s.  God is always with you.  And you are most welcome and invited here.