Palm Passion Sunday in the Wilderness

Grace and peace to you whoever you are and wherever you find yourself in your faith journey. You are welcome here.  Remember that God is with you and that God loves you.

What’s that labyrinth doing there?
I’ve been thinking of our wilderness journey in terms of a prayer labyrinth. It’s not a straight journey to the center.  There are times were we speed up and times when we slow down. I’ve been drawn to labyrinths in times when I need deliberate time of prayer.  We’re blessed in the area to have a labyrinth at St. Mary’s Episcopal and at Holy Counselor in Vernon to walk.

Holy Week is labyrinthine (yes, that’s a word).  Our time is marked by days and specific events in Jesus’ life – but the journey is not a straight path. There are twists and turns of people and places and emotions. We reach the center and we then we head out, still trying to make sense of what we’ve experienced.  We are changed by the experience…

Our worship tomorrow begins with the triumphant entry into Jerusalem and ends with Jesus’ death. If you can’t make a palm, or have no green branches, be creative in what you use to cheer Jesus on. You are invited to join our journey at 9 AM live on Zoom or after 11, on Facebook or our YouTube channel (Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church).

I’ll be sending another email with worshp access information for Holy Week on Monday.

I am available via phone (973-810-3330) and email ( if you have questions, need help with deliveries, or wish to chat.  For emergencies, please text to 414-732-3820.

Blessings and peace to you all.
Pastor Tina