SOTH’s First Spirit Week!

We’ve Got Spirit, how ’bout you?

Let’s have some fun apart…it’s the first Shepherd of the Hills Spirit Week!  Dress up.  Do the activity. Send your pics to or post to the Spirit Week album on Facebook. I can’t wait to see how we come together and learn about each other in this fun filled week.  Share this in your family and neighborhood groups. Blessings in your work and in your play.


Monday: Church T-shirt Day – wear your yellow “God’s Work, Our Hands”
or a Thrivent “Live Generously” t-shirt
Activity: What can you do today to live generously in your home or    place of work?
Share it with words or a picture!

Tuesday: Sports Team Jersey/Shirt day – show love for your team that is on hiatus.
Activity: Action shots ‘playing’ inside or outside
Activity: What can we learn from our sport to help us in our faith journey?

Wednesday: Dress like Pastor Tina day (or really, any pastor)
Activity:  Share your favorite bible verse and/or hymn.
Activity: Take time to read that bible verse/hymn with one another.

Thursday: Superhero Day – dress like a superhero or make one up
Activity: We all have gifts to share with one another that make us super.
Share with your family/friends the gifts you have to help others.
Activity: Take a pic of your best superhero pose and send it to PT.

Friday: Vacation T-shirt day:  Wear a t-shirt that shares a place you visited.
Activity: God provides for us in that we are called to rest and renew ourselves.  Vacations are one of many ways to do that.  How do you rest and renew yourself for continued work in God’s kingdom?

Saturday: Favorite Shirt/Socks/Hat day…we all have one.
Activity:  why is this shirt/sock/hat your favorite?  Draw or write down how it makes you feel.

Sunday: Dress like your favorite season – we’re officially in ‘spring’.  However, some of us like summer, winter, or fall.  Today is your day to a) wear something that reminds you of your favorite season or b) dress up like something you’d find in your favorite season.
Activity:  We’ve been given the care of creation as God’s people.  How do we take care of the earth in all seasons to give God glory?
Activity:  Take a moment to get outside and even take a walk.  What do you see?  Where is new life taking place?

Bonus/Swap Day: Dress like your favorite bible character day.
(replace this for one of the others OR keep dressing up)
Activity: Share why this person is your favorite!