What Difference Does it Make?

Grace and peace, Beloved, from the Earth-Maker, Pain-Bearer, & Life Sustainer.  Amen.


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Worship Bulletin

Announcements for June 21

This Sunday is Father’s Day with special acknowledgments throughout this worship service including Pastor Jack’s sermon

But the heart of this week’s message is all about the priorities in your life. We are about to start emerging from this COVID haze that has fallen over us for the past few months, so we all have an opportunity to reboot our lives and reconsider our priorities. How will church worship fall on your priority list when we return to safely worshipping together on July 5th? Pastor Jack gives plenty of food for thought on this topic, so don’t miss his sermon.

Our Zoom worship service will appear on the Shepherd of the Hills YouTube channel later on Sunday.  You can expand the video to full screen by clicking on the little icon in the lower right corner of the video. If you are comfortable with the tech, you and your family can also go to Jack DiMatteo’s YouTube channel (https://tinyurl.com/ybe6ytap) on your smart TV and watch the sermons in the comfort of your living room.

Please join us in congratulating our graduates:

Emma Biss
Joe Biss
Nicholas Broccoletti
Matt Ellingworth
Hannah Maynard
Melissa Terhune
Jessica Wood
Ryan Wood