Worship, Meet, & Eat – May 6, 2018

Alleluia! Christ is risen!
I never get tired of proclaiming that statement.  It means everything – especially as reflect on the gifts God has given to me throughout my life.  I wonder if I should continue to proclaim it – even after the season of Easter is over…

I do want to thank you for walking with me throughout the last five years.  Relationships take work. And patience. And understanding.  It has not always been smooth or straight – this journey.  I give thanks that we have traveled it together.

Next Sunday, May 6, the congregation will meet as one to give thanks to God for all the gifts we’ve received. There will only be one worship service that day at 9 AM.  We will then meet (about 10:15) to share the story of last year and to outline our story for the next program year.  After our meeting (about 11:30), we will share a meal.  We ask that you bring a side dish or dessert.

The following information has been shared previously in worship and through our communications: We have six openings to be filled due to terms ending or vacancies. Without at least five folks sitting as the church council, we cannot move forward in ministry.  I know the scope of your lives and I also know why folks don’t want to sit on councils or boards.  Yet, this is an important piece of who we are and what we give to God and one another.  Please contact me (PT)or Barbara Osborne to chat about ideas or to say yes to this call.

Christ is risen, beloved!  And because Christ is risen, we are called to live resurrected lives by giving ourselves in love. Resurrected lives call us accept the big scary picture, to risk all of ourselves, and to love with exuberant abundance. And by exuberant abundance, that really asks us to pay attention to where we see God at work – usually in some small way – and to go out and do likewise.

As for Shepherd of the Hills, right now, we are called to to witness God’s love through our address and through our actions.  I encourage you to connect with one another in worship and when you meet up in stores or ballparks. I pray that you will take the time to download and read through the documents that are linked below. I ask that you bring them with you – in hard copy or digitally – to worship next Sunday (help us keep our office expenses low).

Together, we are gifts from God to all of God’s creation.
Together, we proclaim: Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

In service to the Risen Christ,
Pastor Tina

2017 SOTH Annual Report

Congregational Meeting Dec 3, 2017

May 6, 2018 Congregational Meeting Agenda

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